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  • Pentesting


    How do you know your network is secure if you never test it? Pentesting is what network security practitioners call testing a network for vulnerability’s. Hackers will usually do a pentest before attacking your system so they can …
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  • Security Solutions

    Security Solutions

    Having a secure and reliable network for your business is paramount to doing good business. If your security systems are not up the the latest standards you are a target for hackers. Let us secure your systems after our pentest …

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  • Upgrading Security

    Upgrading Security

    What are your plans for mitigating an attack? There are thousands of tools that can help an intruder gain access, there are also thousands of tools to mitigate these attacks. If you have never configured network security applications…

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Mission Statement

We thoroughly check all of your systems for any possible security threats, we efficiently patch those security threats, we upgrade your systems security protocols, we database every particular of your system & cross reference your system with any security threat that may appear in the future.

Why you would choose us!

All of our reports are kept absolutly confidential as the contain information on exactly how your system is exploitable and what exploits are possible and what the ramifications of the exploit are

We will never interupt the flow of ANY of your business activities. All of our tests and upgrades are created in a way to provide you with 99% uptime. We value your business just like you value the business of your clients. We have done countless hours of brainstorming on how to accomplish all of our tasks with the least amount of noticeably possible but with the largest impact.

Thats a trade secret, however we only go up to the point of where we <u> Could</u> just press enter and your system is compromised. We leave ourselves ready to show you just what the compromise would entail however we never break anything, unless you ask us to. :D

We try to gather as much information as possible about who we are attacking. Laying out the hierarchy of your company is vital for a hacker. Knowing who is in what position can give us an overview on who to attack. A hacker could use this information remotely through spoofing emails or even locally by being at the same coffee shop or near the staff members home wireless. Hacker’s can use other social engineering techniques like entering the building as a fictitious service repair person, or even call and gain vital information. Social engineering is something your company <u>must</u> be aware of in order to cope with the small devices being sold on the market today.

A service assessment is the second part what a hacker would do. What is your firewalls configuration if any? Is your router vulnerable? What operating system are your computers running? What applications are enabled on each computer? What are your networking rules? What kind of encryption if any? What are your networks rules. What services is your servers running if any? etc..

We keep ourselves and our clients happy by traveling to any location where our services are needed. For us seeing a city apart from our own is a great as it adds a great dynamic to our work, we don’t know the terrain so we have to put our skills to the test and adapt to the local area in order to preform our duties above par. If you are a client and you are outside the untied states you will need to give us a 2 week notice in order to get all of our equipment ready.

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